Garden Tools

We have a large selection of garden tools from Moulton Mill and Gardeners Mate, trowels, secateurs, shears and dibbers, spades, forks, hoes, rakes and much to help you create, manage and maintain your garden.

Not sure of the right tool for the job? Just ask our friendly Gardeners team who will be happy to help you.


Plant Care

Taking care of your plants is essential to ensure healthy growth, both through the summer months and winters. We stock a wide range of plant care items- plant food, insecticides, slug repellent, fertiliser, compost, top soil and much more to keep your garden tip top. We also sell a number of irrigation products including watering cans, hose pipes, water butts and sprinklers.

Any questions? Our Gardeners will be happy to help with any questions about the right care for your plants.


Pots & Accessories

There is so much more to gardening than just looking after your plants, and we have everything you need to create the perfect outside space. We stock a variety of pots and planters, from large and small ornamentals to plastic pots for seeds and cuttings. We also have a range of solar lights, trellis, canes, panel and border fencing, paving stones, slate, garden ornaments, wood chip, compost, gravel, shingle, wheelbarrows and much more.