We have a huge variety of plants available, including aquatic plants and seasonals such as bulbs, borders and perennials. Our selection includes indoor as well as outdoor plants and we also sell a full range of plant food, compost, tools and accessories to help you care for your plants, flowers, shrubs and trees at home.

We’d love to talk to you about your new plants, offering the best advice for planting and care, and provide recommendations based on your soil type, amount of light and the level of attention you’re able to give, just speak to one of our team in the garden centre. We only sell the best quality plants and you can be sure before you buy that we have thoroughly cared for your new plant here at Garden Centre Overstrand.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants can really bring ponds and water features to life in your garden, as well as providing fish and wildlife some valuable shade and shelter.

We are happy to offer care advice and support to help your aquatic plant make a successful transition into its new home.

Shrubs and Climbers

Shrubs & Climbers

Shrubs and climbers are perfect for creating borders and hiding areas of the garden you don’t want people to see. We have a large collection of flowering, non-flowering, evergreen and non-evergreen shrubs and climbers including jasmine, honeysuckle and ivy. With a range of trellis, canes and frames to support your climbers and garden tools to keep your shrubs pruned and shaped you can be sure we will meet your needs.

We would love to discuss the best climbers for your space, so if you need any advice, just ask our Gardeners.

Seasonal Plants

Seasonal Plants and Seeds

We have a large selection of seasonal plants available, including bedding, border, hanging baskets, bulbs, perennials, winter blooms and more. We make hanging basket to order. All of our seeds, bulbs and plants are sourced carefully and given the best care at the garden centre.

If you need any help or advice in selecting the best plants for your garden, our friendly team (Gardeners) will be happy to help.

Trees and Hedging

Bare Root Trees & Hedging

We have on offer a large selection of bare root ornamental trees ranging from various cherries, acers, birch, mountain ash and many more. Our hedging stock extends to pick and go 10 for 2 varieties (10 plants for 2 metres) such as green beech, dog rose, field maple and hawthorn to a larger selection of bare root with the option of buying from 1-100 plants. We also stock a range of tree stakes, guards and supports to finish and complement your planting scheme.

Our Gardeners are on hand to assist with advice, making the perfect choice and planting knowledge. We welcome customer orders and offer a local delivery service to help with the larger plants or simply to make your purchase less stressful.