6 Trends for the Garden in Summer 2019

Garden Center Overstrand

At this time of year, the garden centre is full of life and colour, so we’ve put together some of our favourite trends for 2019 to help you add a breath of fresh air and a touch of brightness to your garden at home.


  1. Wild and perennial meadows

A wildflower meadow in your garden is the perfect way to create an ambience that attracts insects and small birds of all families to nest and feed in your garden. To do this, you’ll need wild meadow seed and a spade – both of which we stock at our garden centre. If you wish for your wild meadow to have the best start it can, we recommend using a black plastic sheet to kill off any weed seeds that already exist in the soil. Now, to maximise growth, you’ll need to choose an open space that is exposed to a high amount of sunlight and plant your seeds on top of soil that isn’t too rich.


  1. Summer houses

Quaint and cutesy additions to the garden. However, the attraction to summer houses is the ability to transform it into a space you can enjoy in the warmer months with the best view of your garden. For example, you may transform this area into a hobby room where inspiration is in abundance, an office that is tranquil with no interruptions, or somewhere to host a dinner or quick catch up with friends whilst admiring your hard work.


  1. Biodegradable pots

Our main goal for 2019 is to reduce the amount of plastic used in our own gardens and at the centre by finding plastic alternatives to grow and nurture instead. More a necessity than a trend, this one that has caught on throughout the gardening world like wildfire. There are numerous effective options out there that are better for the environment, cut down on waste and cost next to nothing. These include newspaper pots, toilet rolls, egg cartons, paper cups, fruit rind halves, cardboard boxes, and so on.


  1. Bold and bright colours

Indeed, bold and bright colours are the trend every year throughout summer. Everything becomes a little livelier as flowers such as petunias, marigolds, and dahlias thrive in warmer environments. This year is no different, but it comes with a twist, we’ve noticed more gardeners using plenty of foliage in amongst these flowers and we’re wholly on board with it. The use of foliage helps to separate the colours, makes them stand out, and adds a rustic feel to the garden.


  1. ‘Grow your own’

With the warmer months upon us, we’re able to utilise the elements and grow our own fruit and veg. Admittedly, hard graft and care is required to harvest your own produce, but there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal or snack completely grown by your own hand.


At the garden centre, we have an abundance of ‘grow your own’ seeds to choose from. Whether the sweetness of fresh strawberries is what you love, or perhaps, you prefer the rustic taste of home-grown corn and green beans. Feel free to pop down to our garden centre and browse our range to decide what takes your fancy.


  1. Hanging baskets for the front garden/door

If you wish to generate a welcoming feel for your home, introducing the addition of hanging baskets to your front door or garden will help considerably. With the popular colours of red, pink and purple making a feature, you able to add a splash of colour to an otherwise mundane area of your home.

Our home gardeners at the centre grow and put together the flowers for every hanging basket that we sell, ensuring each basket is bespoke and tailored to your garden.


With these 6 trends, your garden will be buzzing with life, you won’t want to spend the summer months anywhere else. If you would like to find out how we can help you achieve the envious garden that you’ve always wanted, pop into our friendly garden centre and speak to one of our home gardeners.