Garden tips for August

Garden Center Overstrand

August is usually a busy month bringing in the harvest of fruit & vegetables. But hopefully we can all find time to sit, relax and enjoy the summer sunshine reaping the rewards of all the busy spring planting.

During this month you’ll need to keep an eye out for any unwanted pests & bugs that will love to eat the leaves of your bedding plants. This is an ongoing job particularly when the weather is as we have had it, lots of lovely hot days as well as the rain, perfect breeding conditions for all those unwanted creepy crawlies.

These can be controlled by removing any damaged and eaten leaves and rubbing off the eggs of the caterpillars from these leaves. If you find that you have had a bad attack then you may need to spray with a suitable insecticide.

With it being a particularly dry and hot summer you may find that some of your early bedding and perennial plants are looking a bit tired, so these can either be removed or cut back hard. Winter bedding violas and pansy’s are now available, these will add instant colour to any empty areas of the boarders of to untidy pots.

In the vegetable plot its now time to lift and store early and second early potatoes for future use. Ensure that you take your time to carefully fork over these areas as not to damage your crop. Its an idea to clean and dry these in the sun for about an hour before storing in potato sacks. Courgettes need to be picked regularly to yield more fruit and to stop them becoming a huge marrow type thing!.

Other quick tips to keep on top of;

Stake all tall and heavy plants to prevent wind and heavy rain damage. Continue to dead head flowers to encourage new growth and flowers. Water regularly being water safe, and feed baskets and pots with a good plant food.