Gardening Jobs for the month of July

Garden Center Overstrand

We have put together some helpful gardening tips and suggestions to help you in your garden or on the allotment this month.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables;

Now is the perfect time to plant a second crop of potatoes in either pots or bags so that they can be brought in undercover before the first frosts.

Make sure that the side shoots are pinched out each week on your tomato plants, cut of any leaves that are growing below the lowest fruit, this will help with air circulation and prevent diseases. You can also boast your crop by regular feeding with a tomato based fertiliser (we recommend once a week)

Encourage and train cucumber stems upwards, instead of them wanting to trial all over the ground. Pick your young courgettes and this will encourage more fruit.

Fruit bushes can have there crops thinned to prevent it spoiling, its also an idea to protect the fruit from birds by using netting. Fruit trees such as plum, apricot, peach, cherry and black current can all be pruned.

When picking your strawberries peg down the new runners to produce more plants for next year.

Water plants daily, its a good idea to water to the side of the plant so the water forms pools, this way its nearest the roots, but be water-wise. Containers and hanging baskets will need to be watered daily and we would recommend that you feed with fertiliser every 2 to 4 weeks.

Ensure that bird baths and ground watering baths are topped up for the birds and smaller animals, such as hedgehogs.

We are now stocking Taylor’s Seed Potatoes and will very soon have our stunning selection of Spring Flowering Bulbs in stock. Taylor’s Bulbs have some fantastic planting facts on their website so simply click the link or alternatively speak to one of ‘Gardeners’ for planting advice.