May Jobs in the Garden!

Garden Center Overstrand

We are all willing the warm weather to arrive here at the garden centre and we’re sure you are at home too! With blossom blooming all around, Spring is definitely here and there are lots of jobs to be done in the garden so here’s our list for May:

  • Lawn mowing season has begun, with the first cut promoting new growth and luscious green in many gardens across the county. With morning dews still widespread, be cautious and use electric mowers only once the lawn has mostly dried out.
  • Hanging baskets can now be potted and hung out. We have a huge range of pre-made hanging baskets here and we also have everything you need to create your own baskets at home.
  • Summer bedding plants can be sown now in planters and borders, adding some great colour back after the spring blooming bulbs have died away.
  • Spring blooming bulbs will start to die off now, give them a trim and either pull up the bulbs and semi-dry them out ready for replanting in Autumn, or leave the bulbs in the ground to flower again next Spring.
  • Summer flowering bulbs can be planted ready to explode with colour in a few months.
  • Heat waves aren’t unusual at this time of year so one very hot days, be sure to water early and/or late in the day to avoid scorching your growing plants.
  • Open up your greenhouses on very warm days too.
  • A general tidy up in the garden is a good idea in Spring, trim back anything that has become unruly and make a space for all of those summer BBQs!
  • It’s not too late to sow vegetable seeds or to plant raspberry canes and other fruiting plants.
  • Beware! There is still a chance of ground frost so keep this in mind when you’re watering or planting your bedding.