How to enjoy gardening in a small space

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If you are self-isolating or have been sent home from work in these uncertain times, it may be the perfect time for you to try your hand at gardening.  The beauty of gardening is that it really can be done in any size space. From an individual pot on your windowsill to an area of land, the pleasure you find will be the same.


  1. Windowsill gardens

If you are new to gardening, a pot or a small planter on your windowsill is the perfect place to start. Sow a few easy and quick to harvest seeds, such as a salad option – tomatoes, lettuce, pea shoots, and beetroot – along with a few established plants such as herbs for a quick reward!


  1. Potatoes from pot

Now is the perfect time to try your hand at potato plantings. Plant a single potato in a small bag of compost or pot and wait for it to multiply! Don’t forget to water it and allow space for the leaves to grow. This is a great way for children to try gardening for the first time.


  1. No dig

If you have a larger space to manage or would like beautiful flower beds with minimal input, try your hand at no dig gardening. More information can be found over on our no dig gardening guide. No dig is a great option for ornamental flowers: leading to fewer weeds and gorgeous blooms.


  1. Small bed gardening

If you have time on your hands, create a small garden bed, even just 4ft square, and pack it full of multipurpose compost. Keep it populated with new plants all the time, planting can be very therapeutic.


  1. Keep it clean!

To get the best from your small garden, resist the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemicals which can damage the soil and the wildlife. Keep on top of your garden using no dig techniques or weed by hand.


  1. Create the illusion of more space

Gardening doesn’t always involve potting plants or digging, it can simply be making decorative changes to improve the performance and look of your garden. Thus, painting the fence that houses your garden can make all the difference in transforming your small garden to feel spacious. Opt for a white or light grey to achieve the best results.


  1. Take your garden to new heights

Having a small garden shouldn’t mean you need to make strict choices between which plants to own. Set up an outdoor plant ladder or put up a wooden shelf planter. This way, you can have more plants on show without running the risk of overcrowding said garden and taking away already crucial space.


  1. Waste nothing

One thing many of us are learning during these difficult times is to be less wasteful, and this can continue in the garden, as well as in the kitchen. For example, empty egg boxes and cereal boxes can be used for sowing new seeds, such as your salad selection. Or, plants that have spent the last couple of months adding a splash of colour in your home but are now coming to the end of their lifetime – like a hyacinth – can be planted in the garden to bloom again next year.


On the whole, there are numerous jobs to carry out in a small garden that will keep you occupied throughout the next few months. Altogether, carrying out these tasks can help convert your garden into a haven, providing a form of escapism for you to relax and clear your head. If you’d like to know which jobs we advise to be implemented in the upcoming months, check out our ‘Jobs to do in the garden’ feature here: