January Jobs in the Garden!

Garden Center Overstrand

With the Christmas decorations cleared away for another year and the early sightings of Spring starting to show, there are many January garden jobs to start.

  • Clean out old and used seed trays, pots and propagating areas, purchase new ones if necessary
  • Look through seed catalogues, select varieties, put together planting timetable – many seeds can be sow in January
  • Plant bare-root, hedging, trees and fruit bushes as long as the soil isn’t frozen
  • Source and select types of seed potatoes, ready for chitting next month, its a great idea to save egg boxes
  • Ensure tree stakes and ties are fixed firm 
  • Apply Winter washes to fruit trees and bushes, also apply a top dressing of potash to all fruits and nuts
  • Summer flower bulbs can be purchased but keep out of the frost, until planting in the Spring
  • Plant, primroses, ivy and cyclamen in your pots to add some Winter colour
  • Keep of the lawn during frosty weather to avoid damage