Our 5 Top Gardening Trends for 2020

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Whilst winter is a great time to tidy and plan your garden for the year ahead, we are already itching for spring and the delight it brings us to be back in full swing, tending to our gardens.

So, in the meantime, we have rounded up our top trends for the year ahead and it turns out there is no need to wait for the warmer days. We’ve even included some tips to help you choose the perfect houseplants for 2020!


  1. Be bold with patterned and retro plants

Bold and vibrant, patterned plants are making a comeback.

Hostas are an easy to grow plant that will add interest to your garden.

Finding the right plant for a shaded spot can be tricky. When the area is darker overall, the eye tends to travel past it and the space loses definition. By using patterned leaf or coloured plant, such as a blue Hostas in light shade, you will lift the area and create depth in even a light deprived area of your garden.

Many Hostas have interesting patterns on their leaves and will inject life into your outdoor space, but don’t overdo usage of heavy patterns or you will end up with a space that appears overwhelming and chaotic.

Patterned plants for indoors continue to rise in popularity. Including Peperomia who’s leaves resemble a watermelon. Along with Monstera deliciosa which provides retro offerings many will remember from childhoods, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, umbrella plants and spider plants.


  1. Make steps towards sustainable gardening

Making your garden sustainable is big news for 2020 and if you would like to give it a try, small changes can make big differences.

First, consider cutting down on harmful chemicals and pesticides. Next, allow the garden to work for you, by planting flowers that encourage wildlife to help tend and pollinate your garden. Bee friendly plants such as lavender will enhance pollination and marigolds and sunflowers, in turn attracting ladybirds who will control aphids.

Try your hand at companion planting, encouraging growth. For example, pair up shorter shade loving plants with taller sun loving varieties to allow them to benefit from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Composting is a simple way to reduce your waste. By composting your food waste and vegetable cuttings, you can generate rich compost to use on your own garden, benefiting not only the eco system but your pockets too. Use the spare change to carry out those garden design upgrades you’ve been hoping for.


  1. Swap succulents for super-sized house plants

Last year saw the rise of succulents and cacti around the home but 2020 is looking to feature large plants that will dominate your rooms with large splashes of greenery and oversized leaves. If you are searching for an oversized plant, Monstera is a popular choice, along with the ever dramatic Alocasia (Elephant Ear).

Equally as happy indoors or in your garden is large plants such as the Yuca. These make for an interesting addition to your space and will add depth, interest and greenery to smaller courtyard spaces.


  1. Embrace plant power and grow your own vegetables

Could 2020 bring the perfect opportunity to make a start on that vegetable garden you’ve been dreaming of? As the number of people in the UK consuming plant-based diets increases, we foresee an upturn in the number of home-growers as the year goes on.

Growing your own veg is eco-friendly and cheap, especially if you strike up a deal with a friend or neighbour to trade your wares in exchange for theirs.

We suggest getting started with an easy “grow your own salad”; lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes are all great options for beginners.

Whether you are starting out with growing your own veg or an allotment veteran, we have all you need to grow the best organic vegetables this year including garden tools, seeds and vegetable starter plants.


  1. Take in your surroundings with a mindful garden

After some serious green-fingered graft, your garden should be your own haven in which to relax. With well-being becoming more of a focus in workplaces and homes, mindful garden spaces are rising to be a big hit for 2020.

For calm days outdoors, transform your space with a water feature, wind sculptures and stone statues. Take the time to engage with the nature that surrounds you, rather than rushing from task to task. Stop for a moment to enjoy your garden, listen to the birds and pay close attention to the smells and senses your garden evokes.

When the night draws in, there is no need to head indoors. Enjoy your garden thanks to solar lighting, garden canopies and furniture. Finish your mindful space with a fire pit for an evening clearing your mind, watching the flames dance.


Do you have big plans for your garden this year? We would love to hear about them! Be sure tag us in your 2020 garden pictures @gardencentreoverstrand