Is that Spring around the corner…?

Garden Center Overstrand

So February is upon us! Which means longer evenings (well eventually), warmer weather (optimistic I know) and well no more January blues!! For those that have braved, what has been a very cold spell, you will have seen some of the big changes that have taken place in the garden centre and the Potting Shed throughout January! Not only has the shop changed, but so too has our entrance and tree bay area. The Potting Shed has had a new coat of paint and the guys have launched a new menu, as well as a kids menu! We have been working so hard to get the place looking good for spring and really hope you like the changes.

As well as the cosmetic changes, we have got some new products in from new suppliers, which we think you will like. We’ve got a wide selection of bulbs, seed potatoes and seeds. Our primroses are looking amazing, so too are our selection of Hellebores. Why not pop down and take a look for yourself?

Valentines is just around the corner, our in house gardeners can create the perfect planted arrangement for you. You choose your pot and we can plant it for you- It will last and bloom for months to come.

The Potting Shed will be putting on specials throughout the coming months, and are putting together an evenings entertainment, so watch this space!

All that is left to say is-BRING ON SPRING!!

Thanks for your support!