Summer bedding plants

Garden Center Overstrand

There is nothing stopping your garden, however small or large, having some colour this year! Why not grab a pot and plant up some colour!?


Packs of Summer Bedding plants

  • Petunia
  • French Marigold (French bee)
  • Cosmos mix
  • Mesembyanthemum mix
  • African Marigold Mix
  • Viola Mix
  • Pansy Mix
  • Ageratum Blue
  • Alyssum Mix
  • Verbena Mix
  • Gazania Mix
  • Dahlia Green leaf Mix
  • Dahlia Dark leaf Mix
  • Mimulus Mix
  • Lobelia Trailing – Dark Blue, Mix or light Blue
  • Lobelia Bush – Mixed, Red, White or blue

6 pack Geraniums only in

  • Orange
  • Red

Please call us on 01263 579485 (from 9am till 12 noon, Mon-Fri) for prices and current availability, as this changes daily