The Potting Shed Tea Room Opening Update

Garden Center Overstrand

The Potting Shed Tea Room @Garden Centre Overstrand

Good Morning, just a little update on our current plans and thoughts for our Potting Shed Tea Room, With many other establishment re-opening today for the first time since the 24th March, we sadly will not be re-opening our beautiful Tea Room today.

Once we find our feet again we do plan to review this situation.

We have taken into consideration many challenges that are unique to our business, and it’s a great shame to not be re-opening today.

But for the moment; our brilliant small full-time team of just 4, are going to carry on being busy, concentrating their efforts on ensuring the main part of our business, the Garden Centre; is always looking beautiful and well stocked for you and all our lovely customers & visitors.

We hope that you will all understand the hard changes that both we and many other businesses have had to support.

We really hope that in the not too distant future we will be able to offer some sort a level of food & drink within our business.

Thank you for your understanding & we wish all businesses re-opening again today all the very best

Thank you Victoria, Sam, Anna, Claire & Laura x