Winter Flowering Pansies & Violas

Garden Center Overstrand

Our plants of the month have to be Winter flowering Pansies & Violas, with their beautiful delicate painted faces, these plants add a well needed splash of colour to pots, baskets and boarders.  We did some research on these popular Winter flowers;

Our winter gardens changed forever back in 1979. This was the year that ‘Universal’ pansies first made their appearance and, although they could be grown for the summer, it was their ability to flower in winter that made such an impact.

In general, pansies produce large flowers, up to 7.5cm (3in) and more across, but not many of them; violas carry far more flowers but they’re smaller, sometimes less than 2.5cm (1in) across. Violas are tougher and more weather resistant; both come in a spectacular range of colours, colour combinations and patterns.
Pansy and viola flowers follow the sun – or, on dull days, they follow the best light. Plant them where you look at them with the sun or light behind you – then their flowers will face you.

Finally, the one thing that helps all pansies and violas give their very best is regular dead-heading. So as soon as the flowers fade, nip them off. Use kitchen scissors or thumb and forefinger.