Working to reduce plastics

Garden Center Overstrand

We are proud to be continually working towards reducing our plastic waste and the unnecessary use of plastics with our Garden Centre & Tea Room. We review our Green Policy regularly and make adjustments to our practices as new options become available.
Clear plastic bags used for our bird seed & pet care treats are being replaced with paper bags. Carrier bags handed out at the till areas are either made from recycled plastics or biodegradable. We don’t charge for these, how ever if you’d like to give a donation to the Crohn’s & Colitis Charity then that would be fantastic.
Takeaway cups are made from biodegradable materials, with our straws being made from paper and our napkins made from 100% recycled materials.
We are also very excited to have in stock a range of ‘Elho’ pots and propagation products which are all made from recycled plastics. Our office print materials are all sourced from sustainable forests.
We welcome any further ideas or suggestions & hope you like the changes.